Our Firm

Serving the community since 1980

"I'm still standing"

As a financial professional in this industry since 1980, I have seen many different types of markets and have experienced the up and down cycles that are inevitable. Throughout this time I have seen many come and go and am proud to say as the popular song goes by Elton John: "I'm Still Standing".

I have completed over 37 years in business. Many of those haveI been quite challenging. Much has happened in the financial world as well as on a national level. As we continue this financial journey, I am proud to renew my commitment to service to everyone I work with and those that will join me.

I pride myself on three very important issues that I believe are paramount in any client/representative relationship. They are trust, service and reliability. It is important to me to be reliable and available to my clients in person or by phone or email on a consistant and timely basis.

More importantly, I strive to gain the trust of everyone I serve and will do all in my power to keep that trust for a long time to come.

I also strive to provide the highest level of service possible for each individual that I work with. This web site is another step in the progression of that high level of service. I hope you enjoy your self-guided tour.