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Financial Planning Strategies

Everyone needs a financial plan of some sort. Some may be more in-depth and complicated and some can be very simple. But, it is true that a financial plan can get you to where you want to go faster than no plan at all. It's your road map to the financial future that you desire. That is why I carefully listen to your goals and objectives. Decipher your risk tolerance and your time horizon. Analyze your current financial situation, and along with many other factors we can then come up with some successful strategies that can fit precisely into what you have said you want to accomplish. Whether you are looking for asset management, college planning, insurance, tax planning or a host of other needs, I can help you organize it all into an effective financial planning strategy tailored specifically to you or you and your family.

Employee benefit strategies

A very important issue to both employer and employee alike are the benefits that each individual company offers. Families depend on adequate insurance to feel secure in knowing that they are protected when it is most needed. Employers want to make sure they offer that protection to their trusted employees while making sure they have the best plan available for their specific situation. I can help to analyze the current state of the employee benefits and offer some solutions and strategies to meet the needs and objectives of everyone concerned. Whether it is health insurance, dental, disability, life insurance, 401k or other pension and retirement plans, I can effectively design a plan that will accomplish your aims at the most affordable cost possible.

Business Succession Planning

Having a well thought out and fully documented business succession plan can go a long way in solving the goals and objectives of the successful business owner in making sure that what they spent the majority of their lives working for, will be passed on and managed in the most effective manner possible. I have the resources and the knowledge and experience to help the business owner by making sure that the proper questions are asked and the proper plan is implemented. 

List of Products and Services

Full Financial Planning
Estate Planning
Life Insurance Plannning
Retirement Planning
Professional Money Management

Business Succession Strategy
Key Man Executive Bonus
Buy/Sell Agreement Planning

Group Health Benefit Plans
Individual Health Insurance
401k Plans, SEP Plans, IRA's

Disablilty Insurance
Long Term Care Insurance
Fixed & Variable Annuities